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IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator: Driving Truck,Enjoy The Trip


Video IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator: Driving Truck,Enjoy The Trip


IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator: Driving Truck,Enjoy The Trip

Indonesia Truck Simulator : The Truck’s Game with Real Indonesian’s Style. The Truck Can Go Up To The Ferry To Across The Bali Strait


What’s The Truck

Surely you are already familiar with the name of a truck. Yes, we see this large freight vehicle almost every day. Especially for those of you who live on the edge of a big road or you who often pass on the highway for activities. A truck or ‘Prahoto’ is a vehicle with four or more wheels for transporting goods, also often referred to as a freight car (

The trucks having several types, namely Single Wick Trucks, Double Wick Trucks, Trintin Trucks, Tronton Trucks, Wick Trailer Trucks, Tronton Trailer Trucks. Each type of truck is differentiated based on the axle and configuration of the axle. In terms of shape, we are usually familiar with the terms dump trucks, box trucks, trailer trucks, dump trucks, trailer trucks, and so on.

The Type of The Truck

The shape of the truck is big and sturdy, and looks dashing, making this vehicle liked by some children. But not infrequently,  many adults are also fans of this truck. This can be seen from the many miniature trucks that are sold or exhibited in truck enthusiasts’ gatherings which are often found in public places. Yes, without realizing it, we also really like this one vehicle. When we were child, maybe most of us, the toys we owned and played most often were trucks.

When we see a truck passing in front of us, and we see the cool and nice shape of the truck, have we ever imagined that we are driving the truck? We deliver the cargo from one city to another. We sit behind the steering wheel of the truck and stare at the road while listening to music along the way. Follow the road and see the scenery presented on each of our travel routes in various colors. And we can see how happy the truck drivers are doing their job.

IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator

That imagination now can be realized through a simulator game. Yes, IDBS Studio has released another game that can make our imagination come true, namely IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator. This IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator game invites us to become a truck driver whose job is to deliver client’s goods from one city to another. There are 12 cities that can be route destinations. Each has similar views and traffic to the original conditions.

The most iconic route is when we take the route from or to Tabanan on the island of Bali. The truck that you drive will be transported by a ferry across the famous Bali Strait. Absolutely amazing and definitely the same as the original condition.

Game Features

For the choice of trucks that you can drive, there are 14 trucks available. Starting with a single wick truck, then a tronton truck, a fuel tanker truck, an articulated truck with either an open bed or a fuel tank, a trailer truck, and of course a dance’s truck. You can choose these trucks by exchanging the money you get when you complete each mission.

The advantages of this game are the very easy steering control, the appearance of the truck cabin design that is the same as the original, the cabin door that can be opened, and other features that if you look in more detail are made exactly like the description of trucks in Indonesia. You can also play the music of your choice so you can drive a truck while listening to songs. It’s exactly the same if you pay attention to truck drivers on the road driving their vehicles while humming along to the song they are playing, sometimes even while dancing.

So what are you waiting for, immediately download this IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator game and it is guaranteed that you will be addicted and want to keep playing it. Come on, drive your truck, deliver your cargo safely, enjoy your trip, be happy and get your own truck according to your wishes and imagination.


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Main feature :

– Choose Your Favorite Truck

– Bali Strait Crossing Ferry, Banyuwangi – Ketapang

– Complete Truck Dashboard Features, Similar to Original

– Open Close Cabin Door

– Real Road and Traffic View


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